Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Trio of Thanks

Life continues to travel at warp speed around here.  Creativity has been along the lines of making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes out of paper bags and 12 x 12 sheets of colored paper (for the "6 pack abs, shell and masks).  And the making of the belt, initial monogram and shirt stripes for Batman's sidekick, Robin.

And let's not forget the making of Hawkeye's (Advengers) forearm protector and arrows and what ever that thingamajig that holds the arrows on his back is called.  

All made by the request of Oldest Kiddo, who is the President of his class, so that his class could get as many as possible spirit  points on "Super Hero Day".

 I'm pretty much a sucker for my Kiddo's requests.

In the kitchen, I've been adapting and trying out some new vegetarian and even some vegan recipes, in the attempt to get the proclaimed carnivore males in my family to eat more veggies and adapt to a more healthy lifestyle attitude towards a plant based diet.  There have been some new recipes that have gotten the approval to be in the meal rotation.  And some recipes that need some "tweaking" to fit our taste bud's preferences.

And, of course, there are those recipes, that while they were edible, were deemed, "Thanks, but we can skip this one from now on". 

Notice how I haven't mentioned the creating of cards, paintings, mixed media projects?  Yeah.  Well, ummm.  It would seem that particular creativity is still basically non existent in my craft area.  The only showing I have is the CAS (clean and simple) Thank You cards that I HAD to make for the Youngest Kiddo's birthday.

Did I mention that said birthday was LAST MONTH?

Insert large, audible sigh here_____________________________.

I did notice a possible hint that Mojo may be thinking about moving home again.

Mind you, it was just a hint.  A little, tiny, teeny hint.  

I started with this very CAS card and was over all pleased with the layout, considering the lack of desire to create the cards in the first place.

I then mass produced all the required pieces and walked away to make dinner.  An Asparagus and red bell  pepper Quiche with a spaghetti squash "crust".  It made the rotation list.  Sorry, I digress.  When I came back to assemble the cards, I just happened to place my three pieces in such a way that I was inspired to make this version:

Then, I switched the order around and made version 3. 

All three versions together:

click on picture to enlarge

Which one is your favorite version?  Let me know! After your comments, I'll let you know which one the Toad voted on to finish the mass production of the thank yous.

Basic Details:  Card base is SU's Mellow Moss.  Flags are made from the last piece of dp that I found at my LSS and forgot to look at the company before slicing into strips.  Oooops.  The matting layer is faux.  I used a dark green Copic marker to outline each flag.  The sentiment is from Cuttlebug's Olivia alphabet.  

And is it just me, or does each and every one of these stinkin' photos looked blurry?!  Sigh.  I'm telling you, I don't even have the gumption to retake all the photos again.  Sorry folks.  I need to have a heart to heart talk to mojo and get back on track.  Or, at least parallel to the track!!

Ok! I'm off to finish unpacking from a weekend away with the Oldest Kiddo and his Cross Country team.  Tomorrow brings an all day field trip with Youngest Kiddo to see an exhibit on Cleopatra.  

Hmmm.  Wonder if mojo is hiding in Cleo's box of jewels?

'Till next time.....


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Starla, you did great! The photos are not blurry. Maybe your eyes are tired, but they look perfect to me. If I MUST choose a favorite, I like the one on the far left of the trio. Glad to know your mojo is back, but honestly I thought it never left!

Sylvia said...

What fun cards, Starla, I don't see blurry either, maybe it is your computer screen! Anyway good job, mom, you always come through and I could not pick a favorite! Have a fun Monday.

Glenda said...

These are quite nice! Love the version on the far right! Yes Mojo can be elusive sometimes...mine is quite stubborn and definitely has a mind of her own. Have a good week girl!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

These are great! Your Mojo is in the house....just being channeled into different areas, that's all. Cooking, costuming, homemaking, working....mojo is racking up some serious overtime, IMO. I like the card on the far right the best...Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Carolyn King said...

You are so funny! There is no mojo missing--you are just using your creative juices in other ways. wow--those costumes sound very cool! love your thanks cards...i think my fav is the one one the right. Have a great week!

Arti said...

Oh! I love the card! And going vegetarian is indeed very good and healthy too.
My first visit to your blog, I liked it :) Have a wonderful week ahead Starla :)

Beate said...

You make me lol. I feel mojo-less every summer. I totally feel for you. I LOVE the thank you cards you created. Version 3 is my favorite I think.
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs and smiles