Thursday, September 13, 2012

Using Maps

I get lost easily.  I absolutely have NO sense of direction.  While a college student, my "friends" would find it funny to lead me out a different door from the many buildings on campus and watch me try to figure out which way I needed to go.  

I swear I am the only person who can get lost while using a GPS.

But despite the fact that I have no idea where I am going (in more ways than one!), I have gotten better at knowing the general direction in which to head.

But I still print out maps and try to follow someone else if I possibly can.

I continue to be lost as far as having any "original" ideas for creating.  It is what it is.  Life is just too busy right now and I can't seem to push myself to explore a new direction.  I'm not really fretting over it.  I know the general direction that I would like to go. I just have to figure out which doorway I'm starting at.

In the mean time, I'm not above using what "maps" I can find to help me on my way.  I needed a birthday card for The Toad's grandfather and wanted something simple, as in, requiring very little thinking on my part!
I found this sketch from an old SCS sketch challenge (June 7, 2011) and it got me to a CAS finished project in time for the family celebration.

click on photo for larger image

Basic details:  Base is Pure Luxury Ivory, 5.5" square.  Timepiece Collection design paper from Bo Bunny. Some sponging along the edges with Distress Gathered Twigs.  Sentiment is oooold SU Warmest Regards stamped with SU's Cranberry Crisp ink.  After I took this photo and was editing, I decided that the card needed three more self adhesive black pearls under the "Happy" to balance the card better.  Just use your imagination on that.  I literally applied the extra pearls as I was putting the card in the envelope while walking out the door! LOL!

That's it for me today! I'm trying to take advantage of a rare day off from work to tackle the laundry and find my kitchen counters!!

'Till next time........remember there is no shame in using a map to reach your destination!!


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Starla, we'd be a poor match traveling together! I have NO sense of direction either! Inherited it from my mother who you could twirl around in a room and still be unable to remember from which door she entered. It's a curse. LOL

I think this card is beautiful. Who cares if something or someone else inspired it? It's still YOUR creation. The colors and the vintage look are all YOU and I think it's amazing.

manolo said...

Me ha gustado mucho tu narración

Gracias por compartir

Saludos, Manolo (SEVILLA .- España)

Glenda said...

I also struggle with a terrible sense of direction! I could get lost in a tin can! I absolutely agree that it is great to use a design inspired by other crafters! You take a basic design and make it yours. This is lovely and I'm sure it will be loved by the recipient! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sylvia said...

Beautiful card, Starla, I am sure the grandfather will love it! Hope you days get less busy so you can enjoy life! don't worry about getting lost, it happens to the best people. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Beate said...

Hi Starla,
Can I join your "No sense of direction" club? I got lost several time while following my GPS in the car. So wrong!!! LOL
I like your card. I love the rich colors you chose for it.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and smiles

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

gorgeous! everything about it is gorgeous... the colors, that paper... just gorgeous!

hugs :)

Carolyn King said...
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Carolyn King said...

mee too sister! I have no sense of direction. Thank heavens for GPS---although I still manage to get lost sometimes.! ha!

This card is gorgeous. I love that paper--and your beautiful details! Lucky toad's grandfather!!

Anonymous said...

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Dawn Mercedes said...

love this b/c it uses the patterned paper so well!