Monday, December 20, 2010

Decking the Halls

Since I know you are expecting my countdown panic moment~~~you have FOUR more days till Dec. 24.

I'll spare you my hyperventilating.

Instead, I thought I'd drop in and share another CAS card I did for the oldest kiddo's teacher.  This is for a male teacher and I copped out and got him a gift card to Home Depot.  Really, I thought it was a thoughtful gift as he and his wife just moved into a new house and you know how may times you have to run to Home Depot with a new house?!! Or an old house for that matter!!

Anyhoos!!  Here is the card:

I started with a 5 x 5 1/2" base from Gina K's pure luxury paper.  The sentiment was computer generated.  I then ran some Barn Red metal over the Kabuka 11 mold through my Big Shot to save time versus doing the embossing/refining by hand.  It should be noted that these molds are NOT made to go through the various die cutting/embossing machines.  Not to say you can't use them in this matter.  Just be aware that there is no absolute "sandwich".  I believe my sandwich was the multi purpose platform, the mold with the metal on top, a silicone mat, a piece or two of paper and then the texture plate.  But don't hold me to that!! This was made several days ago and in panic mode.  Who knows what I actually came up with!!  Also, be aware that you do risk breaking either your machine or mold.  My advice:  if it seems REALLY tight, don't force it.  Adjust your sandwich and try again.  A little snug is ok....fighting to get it cranked through is probably increasing your risk of breakage.

I cut out a frame around the images and ran a decorative wheel along the edges. Gently sanded off the color on the raised areas with a sanding/burnishing block   Used some Hummungo Killer Adhesive and adhered it to a black mat.  Used some Scor Tape to adhere to my card.  Colored some self adhesive pearls with my copics, stuck them on and called 'er done!!

Thanks for dropping by again today! I did want to say that things will probably be pretty quiet around here as the Christmas and New Year holiday kicks into full force.  I am having to work full time for the next two weeks, covering for the boss and another therapist who wanted time off.  And I really feel that when I get home, I should devote time to the Toad and the Kiddos, as this is what the season is suppose to be about:  FAMILY. 

With that thought, I'd like to make sure and say now (and will probably say it again in another few days):
I wish you and your families the best of Holiday Wishes.  It doesn't matter how you celebrate the season~just know that I appreciate you dropping by, your comments and the "friendships" that I've made this past year through this blog.  And I wish you a wonderfully, creative NEW YEAR!!

Till then................



Gorgeous! Loving that metal work...Breathe sista, breathe!

Louisiana Belle said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Loving your creative talents. So inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Decorate the halls would have been more creative

Sylvia said...

This is a beautiful card, Starla! You do so well with the metals, maybe you should do some bigger metal sculpting! I am still working!