Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rambling Thoughts

**Snails are REALLY gross. They have this sickening sound if you accidentally crunch them with your gardening shears and they "ooze" a bubbly substance. For the life of me, I can't imagine why anyone would stick one in their mouth and call it a "delicacy". Personally, I think that some poor shumk looked around him at the people he was serving and decided that they had more money than brains and convinced them that "escargot" was the "in" thing. And laughed every night with his friends over a beer on how all those "smart rich people" were eating garden snails.

**While there is a lot of ground cover that look like weeds, there are no weeds that look like ground cover. Weeds just look like weeds.

**Being a physical therapist does not make one exempt from using poor body mechanics while doing yard work. It just means that said physical therapist knows EXACTLY what she did to cause her back pain and can present the fact that she was just PLAIN STUPID in medical jargon.

**Owning land is a tricky thing (and in all likely hood, highly overrated). A small lot means that you don't have much room to move around but you also don't have much yard work. An acre is just wrong. Not enough land to let some of it just BE. You notice all the stuff that is overgrown, full of weeds, still needing to be planted, cleared or whatever. While you do have space for such fun things as a basketball court, a BMX track or a great place for a dog to run, it is a never ending job of trying to stay on top of it. Especially when you haven't given in to having the "gardener vs you" mentality that all your neighbors have. I think that owing 3-5 acres is probably best. You can have land that is just "natural" and it looks fine. (guess which category my yard is in?)

**Society garlic just STINKS

**Ant bites hurt

**Why is it that the couple that have NO life outside of their home live right next door to me? Their garage is cleaner than my kitchen right now. Not even going to mention the perfect lawn with no weeds in the flower beds. Or the fact that their house has been repainted, re shuttered, etc, etc.

**At least yard work gives you the satisfaction of looking good for at least a week. You clean the kitchen and IMMEDIATELY some child or DH will come to you loudly exclaiming that they are hungry and need to eat NOW. And then proceed to spill something on the newly mopped floor or get beaten eggs everywhere while trying to make an egg and bean burrito.

**Mountain biking is sooo much better than road riding (I'm thinking possible heat stroke at this random thought). Road riding means you have to deal with cars, people yelling at you or throwing stuff at you. Or thinking that they are soooo amusing by coming up right next to you and honking. Mountain biking means off the beaten path. A more laid back view on life and the ride. Mountain biking gives you time to stop and enjoy the scenery.

**I am out of shape for biking period, whether it be mountain or road. If I had been smart, I would have gotten on my bike again today vs doing yard work (mountain biked Sunday with DH....died, but enjoyed it. Rode my road bike on Tues......died, didn't feel like facing the pavement heat and cars again today. Should have taken my chances and gone mountain bike riding by myself.)

**Why is it that I don't have a problem riding on the road by myself but don't like to mountain bike by myself? Some demented thought process I guess that figures that when some idiot hits me on the road, hopefully, some kind person will drag my sorry carcass to the side and call DH. Where as in the mountains the possibility of a mountain lion dragging my carcass to the side and NOT calling DH gives me pause.

**While I crave the silence when my children are home, I crave the "noise" when they are gone. One day is sooo nice to have no noise. This being gone for a whole week thing is starting to get to me. I miss my kiddos. I can't imagine how quite and boring my life would be without them

**Too much time in the sun doing yard work makes for too much time for your mind to wander

**What does this say about me that I find the need to post SOMETHING in the absence of a camera that allows me to post a card that I have stamped?

**I really should take this time to create something (other than a decent yard) just for the sake of creating. Would that require me to confront my messy office/craft area? Is that why I am avoiding that room like the plague?

**I really need to get a life


Sherry Cheever said...

Awwww you poor thing . . . well just bless your little heart!!!!!!!!!!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

this is better than Days of our lives and/or a book!

what a great sense of humor you have. hang in there sweetie. it DOES get better.


Kerney Whitman said...

**I really need to get a life

hmmm...or maybe jsut a camera! DD bought herself a nice one at Staples and it's easy to use. Guess what mom and I "ran" into Wednesday? A BIG momma bear! Yes, eating trash at the park, about 4 houses (on my block) away from us. I'm terrible at "feet" so you just have to use my way of measuring! Needless to say we are avoiding the park for now! Off to the beach...let's talk face-to-face when I get back?!?!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Aww, Starla... maybe you need to ride your bike to the camera store and buy a camera. And then call DH to come get you 'cause you died and can't ride back home. Bwahahahahahaha!