Monday, July 6, 2009

More Ramblings (but not heat inflicted)

***Really, I had every intention of posting some old cards as "blasts from the past" . But then I got the idea of remaking some of my first cards and comparing them to the original. But making a new card would require me to face the office. (Insert HUGE sigh here________). Soooo, today is the day. I'm going in. (I get a nauseous feeling in my stomach just typing that). I'm going to start to find my office. Notice I didn't say that I would finish it today. Have some other household chores to do today to prepare for my kids coming home tonight (yeah, I just can't face the idea of being holed up with that mess all day. I'm going to have to tackle it in sections).

***One of my goals for the summer was to start riding my bike again. While I don't miss the racing (95% of the time), I do miss being in that type of shape. I had a friend try and persuade me to do a sprint triathlon. While I could have probably bluffed my way through the 10 mile bike portion, I haven't run in about 12 years and swimming is soooo not my thing. But it got me thinking. I think I need to find some type of race to get me motivated to ride/train/lose that extra 15-20lbs that I'm carrying on my 5'1" frame.

Yesterday Dh was kind enough to go riding with me again. We rode road bikes on a portion of the Santa Ana bike trail. We actually started in San Bernardino and rode to Norco, CA, and back. About 35.96 miles total (but who is being specific?!). While we would have preferred to ride a portion of the mountain bike Santa Ana trail, I currently lack the fitness and skills needed to tackle the single track (but it is one of my favorite rides....but being "squirrely" on a single track that has a significant drop off is not only unwise, but just makes for a lot of cussing, foot dabbing and hike a bike). So, road riding it was. The path is nice in that you get to avoid car traffic. And yesterday, even bike traffic (which was really surprising, but I assume that the path from Yorba Linda down to the beach was crazy busy!!) But!! Here was the kicker on this ride: the Toad rode his single speed (as in one gear) while I rode my geared bike. Good thing: being single geared put a governor on his speed. Bad thing: his governor was about at my max speed. The sad thing is, we frequently ride the section from Yorba Linda to Balbo and back (about 50 miles). There is NO WAY my rear could have taken that ride!! Getting back into shape when you are in your 40's kinda sucks. really sucks!! LOL!! I have a LOOONG way to go to find the fitness of my 20's!!

***The Toad and I experimented with some new recipes in the kitchen (get 'yer minds out of the gutters!!).....Definitely some keepers including: grilled fruit, fresh mango salsa and Mexican grilled corn with crema (yuuuuuummmm!!!).

***A MUST read is Michelle Richmond's "No One You Know". Incredible writing. I usually read books really fast (which enables me to re-read them a couple of times, since I miss some details with the first go around). This book made me slow down and THINK about what was being written. Great story to boot!!

***Ok....the morning is ticking away and I need to stop avoiding the chore ahead!! I hope you all have a great day and cross your fingers I find the desk top (that way I can make something to share once the kiddos get home with their cameras!!)


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

well, you're in far better shape than me. i'm old, i'm "pleasingly plump" and i like my food too much. i'm not fat - tho' i think i am and i hate - yep. hate - exercise. never exercised when i was young and had to start now - tho i do try to walk everyday. but hey, it's only 8 houses to the mailbox - bwwwahhhaaaa.

go find your desk & create something & don't keep us waiting.


Carolyn King said...

Good luck with starting back up. It is so hard to get back into shape (I am right there with ya sister!) but it is fun least you get some satisfaction of riding! Hang in there!

kaiandkristi said...

I loved reading your blog! I had no idea you had one, so now I'll keep checking back. Seriously--you are in great shape to be able to ride that far!! I laughed when I read the part about bluffing your way through a triathlon because that's what we're about to do!! We are scheduled to do one at the end of the month and are SO not ready for it. I'm envisioning being pulled out of the ocean midway through the swimming section because I passed out;-) We'll see how it goes... Hope you're having a great summer!