Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have been tagged. Imagine my surprise when I saw this on Dawn's blog. Sooooo, here goes:

8 TV shows/movies that I watch regularly
None. Snort. Ok....let me explain. We have a TV, but it is not hooked up to cable. All we can watch is DVD's/videos on it. And, since most of our DVD's are geared towards my two boys...I don't hardly ever watch it (tho I have been known to get sucked up in watching The Myth Buster DVD's)

8 Things that happened yesterday
1. Walked the dog for an hour then did my 20 min of H- - - with Jillian Michael's 30 day Blast
2. Got talked out of following all the lemmings in a panic e-mail re: a school incidence by DH
3. Talked to another friend on the phone waaaay too long about above incidence (and by then was pretty mad at the parent's who started the stampede)
4. Went to Babies R Us to try and find two baby shower gifts needed this weekend.
5. Went to Target for more ribbon for those party favor baby bottles (can I just mention the panic that went thru me when I saw the bin of my favorite Target ribbon nearly empty with the red clearance tag on it?!! Yep..I cleaned them out (of the few rolls that they had left)
6. Went to Michael's for some expensive white M&M's for above baby bottles and an airplane die for the cuttlebug that I need to make a card for the previously mentioned baby showers
7. Went to my LSS and bought NOTHING!! (how sad!!)
8. Took DH his stuff needed for his basketball practice with the 5-6 grade boys and then walked for another hour with a friend while the boys had their practice

8 Favorite places to Eat
1. Isabella's
2. Cuca's
3. Gourmet Pizza shop
4. Macaroni Grill
5. My MIL's (especially since that means that I'm not having to cook)
6. Los Fuentes (I know that that is not spelled correctly)
7. AJ's Chicago Pizza
8. home

8 Things that I am looking forward too
1. The market to go back up
2. My creative mojo coming back
3. Spring
4. Long bike rides on the weekend
5. The weekend to be over
6. Reading
7. The basketball season being over
8. ?

8 Things on my Wish list
1. Tim Holt's new stuff
2. That the pile of pictures in my office would get organized
3. That the pile in my office cupboard would get organized
4. 20 pounds lost
5. My creative mojo (yah, I know I already used that one....but it is on my wish list!!)
6. New couch
7. ?
8. ?

8 People that I've tagged
ok...this is a hard one. I tend to lurk on blogs. Not post a whole lot. Plus being new to the blogging world...I don't believe that I have that many followers. Soooo, here's the deal. If by chance you are reading this, tag yourself and let me know!! I would love to read your responses!!