Monday, January 5, 2009

Creating Goals

Being the new year, everyone thinks about goals they'd like to meet. Mine? Easy, lose that extra 20 pounds (again!), keep the house picked up (hehe) and yaddayaddayadda. Creative goals? Easy: Do SOMETHING creative each week. I'd LOOVE to say that I'll create something every day. But in reality, no way. Soooo, here is a quick little project that I did this weekend.

I bought these frames at Michael's for $1 with the idea that I would alter them for the office girls that I work with. Yeah, ok....soooo, moving on to January and I still have 6 of these frames!! My husband had mentioned that he needed to get a frame for the picture of him and our oldest son that was taken while they were out paintballing with a group of friends. I got out my small tubes of acrylic paints and primered then put a base coat of the green on the frame. Then I just lightly drew out some camo shapes. Using my small paint brushes and added the other colors. I had thought that I would add some rub ons to this, but my husband likes things clean and simple. He requested that I "just leave it alone". OKAY!! Fine. Clean and simple it is!!


Amber (bambi64) said...

Well i know of someone that is having a birthday in a few weeks... could always do one as a gift! hehehe

Great frame by the way.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Great idea! Sometimes a week will go by and I did I buy that stuff in the art room? haha...but then again, there are other weeks so filled with paper, glitter, thread, glue, glitz...that you can see the dust on the tv too!