Monday, May 5, 2014

The End is Upon Us

The End of the YEAR is quickly approaching!!

Oh wait!  You didn't think I was referring to anything else did you?! (wink).

This time of year gets CRAZY with having 3 teen age boys. Baseball is cramming in 3 games a week. Senior recognition for baseball that will require me to go through 680 pictures multiple times in order to put together photo collages for the senior boys and their coaches.  Teacher's are cramming in as many last quarter  projects that might be possible to complete without parents hiring a team of hit men. Music performances are doing double services at the local churches, not to mention the spring concerts that will be upon us soon.  Award banquets.  Teacher appreciation days. School golf tournaments.

A family wedding to attend.  Oldest Kiddo's birthday coming up.

And let us not forget graduation and the party announcements that still need to be made up and sent out. And graduation cards for classmates.

Cloning. That may be the only answer to get all of this done.  

To add the final cherry on top, the Youngest Kiddo decided that it would be the perfect time  to break his wrist.

The Toad suggested he get a white cast so that I could custom paint it for him.  The first idea was to do the Terminator look with mechanical parts bursting out of the skin.

Uhhhh.  Nope!! It would seem that when mom has not drawn or painted in a loooong time, such skills required for that type of detail are no longer an option.

And yes, I did try.

Next option, Ironman.  As simple as this should have been, it took me several tries.  This cast has more paint on it than the Sistine Chapel.  

You may have noticed that I didn't share the top of the cast.  It would seem that became my nemesis. While it doesn't look bad, per say, it just doesn't look as good as the palm.  It looks like it went through a battle to get painted and it won.  Oh well!! The Youngest Kiddo has informed me that I'll have the chance to have another go at it in a couple of weeks.  Yes, this Kiddo will have the pleasure of multiple casts as he fractured the scaphoid bone in his wrist, which just so happens to have the poorest blood supply.  This meaning more x-rays in a couple of weeks to make sure it is healing.  

It goes without saying that further posting will be sparse over the next couple of weeks!! I hope the month of May finds you with plenty of time for creativity! Enjoy a few extra moments for me!!

'Till next time......................



Gail Dixon said...

Starla your posts always make me smile. Sistine Chapel...hahaha. :) But I was sad to see your cute little boy with a broken wrist! I think you did a terrific job custom painting his cast. Those casts itch like crazy. I remember dumping baby powder and using a wire hanger to scratch. Hope it comes off him soon! said...

Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear this. Hoping he heals properly with no added drama!

Stef H said...

boys! guess injuries are a part of their lives! boy! is he ever handsome too!

you rocked the cast and you will definitely rock all your "end of year" projects. you ALWAYS do.

enjoy it!

hugs :)

Micki said...

oh dang, poor guy but that is one cool cast. You did an awesome job. I would think that a cast would be hard to paint because it's round and stuff. So I think you did a great job. Looks just like Iron Man too!
Yeah, I know what you mean about it being hectic. I have no kids at home and yet, still no time (or more likely) no energy - umph to do the things I need to do. June has got to be better!!!! xoxo

Sylvia said...

Don't know how I missed this one...sorry to the youngest, but at least he has that artsy cast and of course you, Starla!