Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Road of Photography

This past week another one of my favorite bloggers, Gail of Louisiana Bella announced that she will be taking an extended, possibly permanent hiatus from blogging.


First it was Joan B.  Now Gail.  A gal can only take so much internet heart ache!!

I love Gail's blog.  Her photos are incredible.  I always come away from my visits with a sense of peace and calm after gazing at the nature she has captured with her lens.

I also have this secret wish that I'll be able to take photographs like her when I become a grown up photographer.


While I could babble on and on regarding my waging inner war of understanding  and accepting as to the reasons why two of my favorite bloggers left blogland and feeling abruptly deserted at the same time, I will spare you.

Instead, I will share a few more of the photos I took while capturing the roadrunner nabbing hummingbirds at the neighbors feeder.  All the photos of the birds were all HORRIBLY over exposed, but thanks to the wonders of very basic  digital editing skills, they are somewhat presentable.

Lesson number one in basic photography: Check your settings once in a while, preferably at the beginning of your photography session.  It will save innocent children's ears of words they should never hear from their mother's saintly mouth!! 

I'm still learning.  But the sometimes the journey is more treasured than the destination!


Sylvia said...

Wow, Starla, those hummingbird pictures are gorgeous! The only way I could get good pictures was to run in video, then I get take stills from it! The day lilies are really sharp as well! Maybe you should educate us in the world of digital editing! Have a fabulous Father's Day!

Micki said...

Girl, there is nooooooo way to capture a perfect shot with the sky behind the object like that. You did right by exposing for the birds which would blow out the sky. And you may only have little editing skills but those pictures look awesome. My favorite is when the 3rd bird is approaching and the other two seem to be looking at the bird coming in. Love it.
I've been dabbling in it for 10 years and I've decided that I'll never get as good as I want to be. Hands (or the lack of time) won't allow me to practice (long) but I'm ok with that. Keep at it!!!!!

Stef H said...

i think your photography is as spectacular as your paper creations!!
i remember the 1st time i saw a hummingbird.... i was in OK. my FIL had feeders all over the place plus he had this vine that grew around the porch railings and the hummingbirds loved that more. i was shocked at how tiny they are... and colorful.

your photos are gorgeous!!!!

hugs :)

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

Starla, I think these are beautiful! Can you believe during my whole vacation in Portland that I had my camera on the wrong setting? After five years it still happens. I get so excited to shoot what I see and everything I've learned is forgotten. Shooting in Raw saves me, usually. Keep up the great work! It's so nice to see you posting photos again. Thanks for the shout out and all the kind things you wrote. I'm sure it won't be a permanent break. Hugs!

Glenda Brooks said...

Somehow I missed this post. Sorry to be so late in commenting. I love the photos of the humming birds. I think your skills are amazing. I can just barely take a picture of the cards I make and hey certainly are not moving! These are awesome!

Dawn Barrett said...

gasp...the hummingbirds in flight are AMAZING!