Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Lazy Days of Summer

The Lazy Days of Summer are nothing but a myth!!  Summer league basketball started for the Newest and Oldest Kiddos the week after school got out.  Beginning with daily practices, they moved into a week of 12 hour days of tournament.  While they did not play the entire 12 hours, their school was the host, so they got to work door, books and clock between their own games.  This week begins the actual summer league games.

And just to prove that I'm the meanest mom in the world, I make all the boys get up and go run before the temperature starts to climb.

'Ain't no rest for the wicked, hehe!!

During the tournament, I had grand aspirations of spending my time between games sketching, doodling, coloring.

Hmmm.  Someone forgot to take into account that any spare time would be spent working the snack bar booth and taking kids to be fed!!

Never the less, I did manage to do a little bit of doodling in my small 9x6" sketch book.  I would say that this was inspired by the popular Zentangle craze, but I would label it doodling.

I used various sized ink pens with some light pencil shading here and there.  I'm still toying with the idea of erasing the pencil shading and adding some color.  Maybe I will just have to doodle another page this weekend while at yet another tournament and add some color!

That's about it for me today! Oldest Kiddo is needing a learn to drive session before he heads to practice and his evening game!! 

'Till next time........


Sylvia said...

Summer should be busy, Starla, otherwise you would be wrangling those boys of yours trying to keep them out of trouble! Love your complex and sophisticated "doodling", pretty fabulous if I do say so! Have a fabulous Friday!

Glenda Brooks said...

At least you have time to sit and doodle while you herd those boys into their sports! LOL...Sometimes I just don't know how you manage the way you do. I wonder what kind of vitamins you are on! Have a great weekend!

Stef H said...

OMG! you draw too????? what DON'T you do?????? this is gorgeous! absolutely gorgeous!

it's been way too hot and stormy here for my liking. oh well. it IS summer.

hugs :)

Joan B said...

this doodling looks awesome and your flower photos are gorgeous.