Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm Still Alive....

......but still trying to dig my way through 7+ years of  paper crafting accumulation.

Yes, that means the Toad is correct.  I did not have a craft room. I had a crap room.  Seriously.

Downsizing from an entire room to mostly a desk and corner of my bedroom has not been easy.  I have given two rather large boxes of "stuff" to a couple of teachers at the Kiddo's school.  I figure they can decide what to do with the stuff they don't think they'll use.  Although, I did mention that any of the stamping stuff that they didn't want, I'd take back to offer as blog candy.  But, don't hold your breath on that.  That could be weeks, months down the road before they decide what they want.  I sent another box to a friend.

You'd think I'd see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Not really.  I still have piles in my room to go through.  I still have piles in the hall way to go through.  And the Newest Kiddo isn't going to have use of the closet in his room.  The Toad had built shelves in it for me  it to store all my SU stamps, family photo albums, the kiddo's mementos from each school year.

I bought the Newest Kiddo a self supporting hanging closet thingamajig to hang his dress clothes in. This girl can only handle so much at one time!! LOL!

While I've been going through things, I've had many conversations with myself.  Such as:

**You are NOT TO BUY ANOTHER PAD OF PAPER FOR THE NEXT 5+ YEARS.  OMG.  You have enough paper to last FOREVER.  Doesn't matter how cute it is...the answer is NOOOOO!

**Your art was changing.  Now, how the heck are you suppose to know if you'll use this stuff on your emerging art that you haven't used over the last 7 years?????

**Why do I still have all these Mrs. Grossman's stickers????

**Just how many paper cutters does one person need???? (My answer:  two.  The rest were given to the teachers)

**Really should get rid of all my SU ink pads/refills.  BUT.  I still use some of them.  Sometimes. They are great for classroom projects.  sigh....

**WHEN was the last time I even opened up one of these OLD SU catalogs for inspiration?

**OMG.  I still have Creative Memory idea books.  I have not done any scrapping in 12 years.  Ewwww.  Now I know why I had so many stickers.....

**REALLY.  Brads, grommets.  Why are you still keeping them???? WHY???

**Just trash it.  Don't over think it.  If you have to struggle to think of the last time you used it (or, in more instances than I'd like to admit...have NEVER used it) just get rid of it.

**You realize that once you go through everything, you should go through it again and pitch some more.

**If this takes much longer to go through, I'm just going to pitch everything.  Seriously.  Okay...maybe not.  But I'm starting to like that idea more and more.

**And the biggest, yet still unanswered question:  what do I do with the dimensional art that I have made?  The altered frames, metal projects, the canvases?  

Cards, easy.  Give them to others.  Art.  Not so easy.  It is more personal.  You can gift it, but ONLY if a person asks for it.  Otherwise, it is most likely junk to them.  Yet, I can't make myself toss it.  It has a part of me in it.  And while me, myself and I don't always like each other, we all put a little bit into each project.  That is hard to trash.  sigh.....

Suggestions and comments welcomed on that sticky point.  I'd love input.

This weekend, I figure I'll take some pictures and share how I'm organizing what I am keeping.  Who knows, maybe you'll gleam an idea that will work for you too.  And maybe you'll be able to share some ideas with me too. I'm open to suggestions!!

Till creating a mess creating????  sigh.....



Glenda said...

I feel your pain clear across the country! It is always hard to toss things that you acquired with such love and excitement. I have gone through my things and just haven't been able to let go of much. Mostly bits of scrap paper and ribbon and that sort of thing. I have stamps that I have never used, but can't just toss them; what if someone would like to have them! What if I NEED them? Since I retired it's hard to have money for many goodies, so I sit me a hoarder...cause that's what I am! PS. Please show pictures!

Sandra said...

oh Starla - I know exactly what you are going through ... I have not started yet though - but I have those same conversations with myself ... But I need to figure it out and reorganize things ... soon! So keep sharing it is inspiring.
Sandra ltb

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Starla, sorry I had to laugh at the conversation you were having with yourself! When you're passionate about something, especially art, it would be hard to let it go. I have no advice to offer, but I think you are off to a good start giving some to the teachers and to friends. Keep whittling away and eventually you will get to a comfortable place. You are doing a good thing for the New Kid. God bless.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Purging is hard work, but it sounds like you are doing great. It is an interesting observation about your art "changing". that has happened to me as well, and it is hard to know what to do with all the "old" stuff. Why not create a gallery on your blog and see if there are folks out there who are interested in bidding on it? You can use the proceeds to buy some organizational pieces for your new art area. Just a thought...

Sylvia said...

Starla, you are getting lots of advice. You are on the right track, just keep at it. The art should be hung on the walls of a hallway if you have one starting with the earliest piece going through to the last, if you can. Someday you will want to look back over it one last time, but that time should be then, not now. As for the stuff you don't want, call around and see if there are any clubs that need stuff, like the girl scouts or the boy scouts before you throw it away. Even seniors like to make crafts, tell them you will donate the stuff if they have someone to use it. If worse comes to worse, set it out by the trash are on a non trash day and see if it disappears. Have a wonderful time going through it and yes don't buy any more! Have a wonderful Friday!

Micki said...

girl your art is not junk. so you better not throw it out because if you are thinking of doing that, send it to me, I do display my and others art. Honestly though I know what you mean about too much stuff. I've cleared out lots and still have lots but I am using it since I've gottem more into mixed media. Especially old papers on canvas. half the time you can barely see the paper through all the layers.
If I had to scale down to a corner and a desk..... literally no way, lo. Oh and yes, creating a mess is crafting in my book. hugs

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Hey, girlfriend! You wanna come help me purge? LOL

Open an etsy store for your art. Or just offer it for sale on your blog.

I know others have made up grab bags to sell - worth 2-3 times the price & offer it first come, first get.. or random draw, then ask if that person is serious, etc.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) and FLD Creative Designer said...


oh i hear ya, sunshine. i just donated 14 yrs of SU catalogs; 6 yrs of TAC catalogs and card carfting magazines to the local library.

shipped some stuff to a few crafty friends and i SHOULD do blog candy too.

only 2 paper cutters? i have 4 and now i'm wanting that new laser cutter that OMYCRAFTS has because... have you seen the price of replacement blades???? yep. laser will be the way to go... when i hit the lottery - LOL.

i'd be happy to own any of your artful creations. you so freakin' rock in that dept.

as for valentine's day... i think you should rename your blog to... AT THE LAST MINUTE.


big hugs :)

Amber (bambi64) said...

What??? You don't use Brads??? You didn't include those in my box!!! :O