Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catching Up

Hey People!

I know it has been forever since I've posted. Tonight I thought I'd take a bit of time and update (aka giving my excuses) as to what has been going on in my prolonged absence.

Missing Mojo

While I have experienced my mojo taking a break before, I have to admit to a growing dismay and fear that my mojo has moved permanently and has no intention of sending me a forwarding address. I don't know if it is the climbing temperature, the fatigue of fighting the never ending ant invasion in every room of my house or the restless thoughts on creativity, being an artist versus being artistic (more on this in a bit) that have caused my mojo to up and leave. I do know that the old trick of getting out some supplies and letting things flow has only resulted in extreme frustration and the ruin of several sheets sheets of my favorite metal and card stock.


Recently, I have been reading about people following their dreams and taking the leap to make them a reality. In the absece of my mojo, I've been giving a lot of thought regarding what it means to be creative, artistic or an artist, as I feel they are all different, yet, each can be an integral part of the others.

While I will admit to having some artistic ability, I don't think that makes me an artist. I can draw and paint, yet I lack the skill to create from an image in my mind. I have to look at visual prompt in order to be able to create my version. Whether this would change if I devoted time and effort to refine those particular skills, I don't know.

I know I have the need and desire to create and I am drawn to various mediums of creativity. Yet I sometimes wonder if the lack of devotion to a particular medium is preventing me from reaching a higher potential in my creativity. Or is the lack of my potential due to the fact that I have yet to discover what medium of creating reaches my soul in a way that I'd risk all because I'd be unable to live without the joy and fulfillment that could only be met through that medium?

Lots of thoughts. No answers. But I've bought supplies to try some new things as I'm willing to keep exploring creativity. Maybe I'll discover the artist in me yet!, LOL!

Computer Issues

I've yet to find the time to sit on hold to figure out why my computer won't connect to the Internet. I had every intention of completing that task today. But time slipped away. So posting is still a bit of a chore since I'm utilizing my phone. But since I do enjoy connecting with all of you, I'll just have to figure out another block of time to get that done. But I have to say, that it has been good in the fact that I've spent more time hanging out with my boys in the evenings, versus us all connecting to our choice of electronics. And
that has been worth the disconnect.

I think that is about it! I am interested in hearing how you all deal with missing mojos, and what dreams you have, that you haven't quite taken the leap in making a reality and how you deal with that also.

Till then............if you see my mojo, would you tell her that I'd be willing to stop the deep thinking and be happy with what she has to offer if she would move back home? Thanks.



Please don't question your creativity! Each and every project you do is just more beautiful! I do understand that being a busy, working mother makes it very difficult to think, let alone create, and summers are especially hard as there are a million things going on. Just don't give in to this phase. You will find your niche. Little hint, MoJo is quite sneaky. She very seldom totally leaves, she just sneaks around, out of site until you coax her back in. She likes to be told how important she is in your life. Give her a little sweet talk!

AJ said...

I have recently been visited by MY Mojo, and I can truly relate to the fear of losing her - scary! Perhaps she had to show her sister how to get to MY house and will be back to you in no time at all. Please don't worry about her. Worry is the anti-mojo :) Enjoy your short break in other, less creative ways until she returns. When she does, you'll be refreshed and ready to get re-acquainted!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Oh, how I feel your pain. I think it might be the heat, although I don't know how hot it is in your neck of the woods. Here in Texas it is 100+ for the 34th (or 35th I've lost count) day in a row and it is definitely taking its toll on my photography. Even when I do brave the elements to go shoot, I hate everything I come back with. I think everyone goes through their own personal drought from time to time. I certainly seem to be mirroring the same drought happening here in Texas.

As far as the computer, I have been spending less time online and really enjoying it. Enjoy your break, albeit a forced one.:)

bethann said...

so sorry about the puter, know how that goes long story short i'm on my third computer this year, with complete loss of all stored info on the prev puters.... frustrating. yes, you have a lot of talent, why stress? why restrict yourself to just one thing??? play with it all, see what happens. so my mojo and yours are on a little vacay together. they'll come back as soon as they are rested and refreshed.

Sylvia said...

Starla, I am sorry I did not see this post the last time I visited. First, I don't believe that Mojo goes missing, I think your mind gets so busy and sometime stressed for different reasons that we don't have the physical or mental energy to create. If you want to play when you are in this state, go back to the basics, don't try and pick up where you last left off. Do some simple stamping, make an embellishment that you used to make, use something(?)that you mad before and make another one of them. Some people are really blessed with what you call creativity, but even these people have a lull in creativity when they are tired. Artists are well known for frustration and temper tantrums because they can't create. I think the heat has got us all stressed. There has been a drop off in the number of people visiting and or blogging, so don't worry. I think it is great that your children have had your evening attention, so maybe this time is a blessing.Sit down one afternoon and create with them. Let each have a turn at picking what you are going to work with, then you take a turn. Whether this is once a week, or three days in a row. You will be surprised that you start to feel things flowing again. Last look at your diet. Are you getting the proper vitamins from the food you are eating. There is usually a reason for certain feelings. I always know that I am missing something when I start getting depressed. As you get older(even if you are not old) you have to listen to your body!!!! Enough from me, I do miss your visits, but am so happy that you are well and you are enjoying your boys. Glad your DH liked my card as well! Would not want him to be disappointed! Take care my friend, there is always e-mail if you need a voice! Hugs and have a great day!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Starla, I can empathize with you about lacking creativity. I think stress and fatigue are both culprits in stealing our ability to be creative. Sometimes I think a break is good. But when it's necessary to fulfill a commitment, try to find a trigger, such as a favorite sketch or color combination or a favorite stamp that will bring back the creative urge. Work with something familiar and simple. Above all, hang in there, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

I just chanced upon your blog today and parts of your story I could SO relate to. I even wrote about my Mojo 'Buying Spree' recently. It's a bit disturbing when there is an extended period of creative inactivity. Remember, you can be what ever you want to be - artist, creator, dabbler. Here is my story (if your interested)

Take care.