Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going to the Dark Side

Happy Hump Day, Peoples!!  Is it just me, or is time just zooming by and I'm not able to catch onto the tail end?!! HOLY MOLY!  I feel as if I've just been stuck at my desk crankin' out the goods for projects needed NOW. 

Today I'm sharing a card that I made for a 10 y/o classmate of my youngest son. His b-day party was Saturday. Yes, I had to crank out another card the day after the other two sports cards!  I'm tellin' ya~~ the stress of it all!! LOL!!   The invitation was hand made by the mother of the birthday boy so that pretty much upped the ante on what my card had to be (that attitude is sooooo wrong for sooooo many reasons! LOL!!).  On the front of her card, she had used her Cricut to make a little boy, dressed as a Star Wars Storm trooper, holding onto his helmet.  I seriously thought about making my own Storm Trooper card, but somehow, the Dark Side got to me, hehe.

I Googled  "Star Wars cards" or "Storm Trooper cards" or something like that (who knows?!!) and came up with a link to Kristen's blog which showed both a Storm Trooper cake AND  a Darth Vader.  She even provided a link for the SVG file to make the Darth Vader.  Only one, itty, bitty little problem.  I don't own a electronic cutter!! So, back to Google I go and I find a picture of the exact layout and save it to my computer.  I then enlarged the image using my printer (as I have NO idea how to do it in Picassa!) and used it as a template to trace the white "card" section out of textured card stock.  I found this glittery black paper in one of my DCWV paper stacks.  I cut apart the larger dark portions on my template and traced it onto the back of my design paper.  I did the same for the mouth.  Then, I carefully cut out the white eye brows, the nose pieces, the lines and squiggles under the eyes and the mouth pieces and adhered them to the glitter paper (that would be why my mouth is off kilter.  Those little strips are TINY.  ITTY BITTY TINY.  Pain in the patootie to glue down!!)  I then managed to tape the black glitter outline too high on the white base.  By this time, I really don't care.  It is for a 10 y/o boy who will barely glance at it (but his mom saved it for the scrapbook! hehe). 

When all was said and done, the card fit in a square 6x6 envie. Me thinks this young Padawon didn't do to badly seeing as she was lacking her "light saber" (aka an electronic cutter!!) to do battle with this creation!!

I will be back in another day or so with MORE projects.  Seriously~~I will be lucky if I don't use up all my yearly creative allotment by the end of this week!! hehe

Thanks for dropping by again!  Thought for today:  Don't be afraid to explore creativity in different ways.  Despite what we think, we don't need to own every tool to make a "WOW" or personalized card.  We just need to be willing to explore different paths that will take us to our destination.
Till then..........................

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

boy! and i thought i was funny!!!! you can have the CREATIVE part. i want the FUNNY part!!! just kidding. it's always a joy to visit. i NEVER know what i'm gonna find but i DO know that every one of your creations makes my mouth drop! they are totally awesome. which means, my friend, you are the ONLY one that can SHUT ME UP!!!! lol

super all around.

big hugs :)