Saturday, May 8, 2010

If You give a PaperCrafter an Idea......

(my apologies to Laura Neumeroff, as I'm about to butcher her cute story lines!!)

If the girls at work give a PaperCrafter the task of buying a gift card for shoe shopping, she will go to the shoe store and pick out this card:

The card will give the PaperCrafter the idea to make a shoe shaped card.  The Papercrafter will look online for some ideas and find this REALLY cute template from Ellen Hudson.  The template will give the PaperCrafter the idea to tuck the gift card into a shoe that is made of  polka dot paper.  The PaperCrafter will have to go to her LSS (local scrapbook store) to find some similiar paper.  While at the store, the PaperCrafter looks at the card again and decides she will need to make a bow also.  This will mean that the PaperCrafter will now have to buy more paper and glitter to match the found paper. 

Once the PaperCrafter gets home and makes a mock up of the shoe, she will decide that giving ONE shoe is silly, so she will have to make TWO shoes ('cause, seriously....only Cinderella wears one shoe....and even she got smart by the end of the story and started wearing TWO shoes).  So the PaperCrafter will print, cut, and tape TWO shoes together (with hindsight saying she should have made the insole a different color, but I digress from the story!) and then get glitter EVERYWHERE while making the FABULOUS bows to complete the posh look of the shoes. Edited to add:  I made the  small bows by punching out 6  scalloped circles.  I ran them through my crimper several times, rotating the direction on each pass (to break down the fibers).  I then scrunched them up and smooshed the edges into glue that was glopped on a scap piece of paper.  The glue edges were then rolled into the glitter.  The flowers then were assembled with glue between each layer (although  you could hold them together with a cute brad too!!). The larger flower on the box was done the same way, but with the larger scalloped die from the Spellbinders nestie set and I think I used 8 layers versus 6. The smallest bow was made using the 3 flower punch from SU.


 The two shoes sitting on the desk look really cute but the gift card doesn't fit nicely inside the shoes.  That will give the PaperCrafter the idea to make a SHOE BOX (because ALL shoes come in a shoe box!!)
So the PaperCrafter will figure, measure, remeasure and still manage to cut wrong but finally complete the matching shoe box.  Then the Papercrafter will look at the top of the shoe box and see that it is lacking the COMPLETED touch.  So the Papercrafter will die cut, glue, glitter and make a matching fabulous bow. 

Then the PaperCrafter will look at the shoes and the shoe box and realize that there is still no card to hold the gift card or signatures of her fellow co-workers.  So the PaperCrafter will look at the scraps of paper, glitter and tape that are covering her work area then look at the clock and realize that she only has a short amount of time before she is suppose to take the "gift card" to work for the birthday lunch party.  The PaperCrafter will use the scraps on her desk to make a quick little card. 


Feeling very pleased with herself, she will take a moment to admire her handiwork and then realize that she really should take some pictures of it before leaving on the delivery task (or how else will all her faithful blog readers ever know of the creation?!!).

The PaperCrafter takes some so-so pictures and rushes off to deliver the goods.  When she gets home, she will see the glitter mess EVERYWHERE and start to clean it up.  She will see a gift card on her table and that will remind her that she needs to make a card for her mother in law.............
Supplies:  Paper:  Doodlebug Designs for DP, Purely Pomegranate, Pure Luxury White.  Inks: Purely Pomegranate.  Stamps:  None.  Accessories:  Art Glitter in Dubonnet, Chipboard letters (unknown), Scalloped edge punch, scalloped circle punch, Scalloped nestabilities circle, 3 flower punch from SU, big shot 


Amber (bambi64) said...

Neat project. Thanks for directions but I'm more of a visual person. Would love to see step by step with pictures :) I just might have to make those shoes sometime though.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

only you could do something this fabulous!!! i love the colors your chose and your story is - as always hysterical!

i thought for sure i was going to read.... papercrafter looks at her desk only to find she left the gift card on it!!! lol

happy mother's day!

you are fabulous!

Sherry Cheever said...

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely flippin' fabulous!

Carolyn King said...

awesome! love those shoes!

Beate said...

Starla, this is amazing. Love your shoes, the matching card and Box!
Hugs and smiles

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Fabulous! Love the story!

Carmen said...