Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cheryl? Cheryl? Bueller? Anyone? And a Big ol' Kiss.....

 Cheryl? Cheryl?  Are you out there?!  It's been almost a week and I haven't heard from Cheryl yet on the blog candy.  Even tried to "trace" her back thru her comment but it didn't link to her blog.  SOOOOO, Cheryl!! If you are still interested in the blog candy, I'll give you until Monday evening to contact me (  Please put "blog candy in the subject line!).  After that!!  RandomKid will pick another name!!

Valentine's day is tricky when you have boys.  It's pretty much thought of as a mushy, gushy, girly holiday.  My oldest is at the age (12) where you have to be VERY careful at this time of year.  Heaven forbid that someone would get the wrong idea that a) you might LIKE someone in particular  b) that you still think handing out valentine's is "cool" c) what ever else a tween thinks (or doesn't think) about this holiday.  So, instead of adding to his stress of the day, I just bought a huge bag of candy for him to hand out in the classroom.  The relieved sigh that I got pretty much confirmed that is the right choice for this young man.  

My younger son, though, is at a different stage.  HE has someone "special" and liked the idea of making treat boxes to hand out to his classmates.  So, I pulled out my new Sizzix takeout box die.  He helped me cut out the 28 needed cuts, writing down who was going to get what color.  I pulled out my retired SU Toucan of My  Love set (not too gushy for a boy to hand out) and he chose the toucan to stamp.   Then came the HUGE step for me in this creative endevor.  *C asked if he could use my "special markers" (my copics!) to color the stamped images. WHAT IS A MOTHER TO DO?!!  I'll be honest.  My first thought was "NOOOO", but luckily I stopped and thought before my mouth actually opened (for once!!)  *C is very artistic in his drawing, ideas and such. He thinks that his mom can color "the best" (gotta luv him!) and he wanted me to show him how to do "that shading stuff".  In the brief seconds that all this is running through my noggin, one thought stood out:  They are only markers and here is a chance to encourage his ablilities that he is showing in his artistic endeavors.  Aren't a few "special" markers worth that?!!

*C carefully coloring with my "special markers"

I have to say I'm SO glad I said yes to him using my markers!! He was very careful in how he used them (all tips are still intact!) and he has now been introduced to shading.  He carefully colored and shaded the "(wink) "special" image and then decided that maybe he wouldn't put so much detail into all the other ones he needed to make (shading takes too much time! LOL!!)

Here is the final project (please note that the photos were taken Friday morning at 7am!! The sun is not shining brightly enough at that time to make up for my lack of photography skills.  That~and I just snapped a few quick shots....we were on a "get to school deadline, peoples!! LOL!!)

This is the "special" box.  This one got some extra stamping on the box itself and the heart has glossy accent on it to make it dimensional and shiny! This box was filled with chocoate heart candy vs. the mixed chocolate mini bars everyone else got (this special girl is in a different class, so no one will know! hehe).  I'm tellin' ya...this boy of mine is going to have girls sighing over him!!

(*C asked "is all of this going on the blog?! LOL!)

a bird's eye view of the goodies

 *C did all the coloring himself.  He picked out what color of wire handles he wanted for each box.  He started pulling out all the beads to spell out his classmates and teacher names.  Then his older brother and a friend asked if they could play the Wii.  Big ol' brown eyes looked like they were about to become somewhat wet with the thought that he was going to miss out on something more fun than adding name beads to wire.  I, being the wonderful mommy that I am, told him he could go play with his brother.  Let me tell you something:  a big ol' hug and kiss from a 9 y/o boy with the words "THANK YOU MOMMY!! You are the BEST mommy ever!" will make any mother's heart melt even when she is up past her bedtime working on Valentine projects by herself.  AND:  the morning hug and ANOTHER kiss on the cheek with "THANK YOU mom for finishing my boxes for me!  You're the BEST ever" will mean that I will gladly do it again!!

Thanks for dropping by again today!!  I hope that you all remembered to tell someone that you care/love them today!! (even if they didn't bring you chocolate! LOL!!)


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

almost as talented as his mommy but i'm sure nowhere near as funny! what a fun story and super, duper gift. that kid ROCKS. is that box really a sizzix die?????? i must get me one!

hugs ♥

Kerney Whitman said...

awww...what a cutie he is! Love the boxes, super cute! And the scooter girl in the next post is awesome!!! I be she loved it~

KAT said...

So here are the boxes that you worked late into the night to finish! I think everyone at school had to be totally impressed - but how about that special girl? Did she love her gift?