Sunday, September 7, 2014

Geometric Gelli Print Card

Hi All!!

Just a quick post tonight.  Our day was spent in HORRIBLY HOT, HUMID weather (with included a downpour) while watching the Oldest Kiddo play flag football.  While I only watched from the sidelines, I am drained!! LOL! How these kids can play 2-3 games in this type of weather is beyond me!!

I realized while looking through the cards I have yet to post (YES!! Believe it or not, I'm actually behind in my postings!! You might want to look out your window to see if pigs are flying!) I realized that all the cards that I have shared lately have been birthday cards.  While one can never have too many birthday cards on hand, I find it a bit sad that my creativity of late has been dictated by need versus free flow creativity.

It is what it is.

Another quick card needed for yet another teen boy.  Pulled out my Possibility File (experiments that might have potential)  and found a few similar Gelli plate prints that I die cut into various square sizes.  A few snips, fussing over the placement and Wah-La!! Card was done.

Can I just say that the money I spent on the two sentiment dies from Cottage Cutz was just about the best investment I have made in a long time?!!! I am going to wear these dies out!!

Sorry for the lack of chatting, I need to get the cattle prod out for two Kiddos (and The Toad) who are busy talking about the games today instead of focusing on homework that needs to be done NOW. 

'Till next time................

3 comments: said...

I love your card! I think the blue is just gorgeous and I would have to agree about the die you purchased. I can see how they would be well worth the investment! Well done girl!

Stef H said...

i love geometrics and this is fabulous, tho i have no glue on how to use or even what that "geli" thingy is all about. alot of people do it tho. i'm not THAT adventurous.

fall has finally come to the midwest. hope you're nowhere near the firest. now to pray that winter doesn't come as early as it did last year (beginning of Oct) and maybe then winter won't seem so long.

hang in there sunshine!

hugs :)

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

How perfect for a guy. Love it.