Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saying Hello and Goodbye



(tap, tap.  Is this thing on?)


I know it's been awhile since I last posted.  I actually have projects to share, I've just lacked the time, and even more so, the energy, over the last month to sit down and edit photos and write up a blog post.  In the weeks I've been "gone", I've made 16 graduation gift bags (mass produced), 22 graduation cards (again, mass produced), attended graduation ceremonies over 4 days, co-hosted a graduation party, made  a birthday card and a goodbye card for a co-worker.

Nothing that should have prevented me from posting sooner.

BUT!! Not included on that little list was attending a week long basketball tournament (kids were there for up to 10 hours a day.  Me---several hours a day) followed by increasing my work hours due to two co-workers moving on to new jobs and now 2-3 games per week for summer league basketball.

Have I mentioned I seem to be lacking in the energy department lately?!!

Seriously, life is good, but I have pushed crafting and blogging to the way side to attend all my kiddo's games and just spend down time together as a family.  This year's graduation ceremonies smacked me over the head that my Oldest Kiddo will be leaving our little nest a year from now.  I have days, not years, left of him being home full time and I'm determined to grasp every last second I can!

I digress. I'm sure you did not stop by to be bombarded with our over booked schedule details! Let me share the card I made for one of the co-workers who recently left our office.

This card is about as far from my original idea as A is to Z.  Let's just say my original idea has good potential, but I need to work out some bugs in the actual creating of it.  That will be for a later time!! haha!!  I spent so much time on my original idea the night before the good bye party, that I actually asked The Toad if he could buy a card for me the next morning that I'd pick up on my way to the good bye luncheon.  

Then the guilt set in.  This gal is one of the co-workers that has always appreciated the effort put into cards I've made for work festivities.  I started pulling out every designer paper pack I have hoarded, grasping for any inspiration the paper might provide at 9:30 pm.  By the way, panic tends to set in at 9:30 pm.  Not so much inspiration!!  

If I recall correctly, this was actually inspired by another sheet of design paper that I ruined by slightly crooked stamping.  Of course, it was the last sheet of that particular paper that I had.  Go figure.  I pulled out some older Spellbinder dies (Daisy), rummaged through my paper scraps and figured out my basic lay out.  Hauled my tired rear out of bed the next morning at 5:00 am to cut, sponge and put together the card before I had to get myself ready for work. 

Clean. Simple.  Made. Not bought.  Mission accomplished.

I'm going to fail you right now and not list all the specific details.  One:  I don't remember what paper pack I used, other than it has been in my stash for a while and I'm too lazy tired to walk down the hall and figure out which one it was.  Two: The flowers were cut from OLD SU paper that has literally been in my stash for years.  Like before I labeled more specifically beyond the general color families.  Inks used?  Distress Vintage Photo is usually a good guess.  Rusty Hinge?  Old Olive?  People, I was just grabbing supplies left and right hoping something would magically come together.  

It seems the paper crafting gods decided to grant me this blessing.  I'm just going to be ever thankful and attempt to do better with details the next time around!!

I'm hoping that the little upheaval in my crafting and blogging will soon settle to a more manageable hectic.  I am hoping to put together a little tutorial on a fun technique that I played around with for the birthday card I made!! 

'Till next time................cherish your families. Be thankful for what time you can spend crafting.  Enjoy the moment. 


Sylvia said...

Happy July, Starla, your time sounds like mine and I only have 4 cats and a husband! Enjoying your family while they are with you should be your first priority, so don't ever apologize. Crafting will be there when everyone is somewhere else! Your card, is as usual, well thought out and I am sure that the person you are giving it to appreciated it so much. Hang in there, we will be here whenever you get back to your crafting! Hugs and have a wonderful 4th!

glendabrooks.blogspot.com said...

I totally agree with Sylvia! Enjoy your family while you can. Before you know it those handsome sons will be off into the world; hardly looking back. So enjoy them now!

Gail Dixon said...

Dear me, I was exhausted just reading about your hectic schedule. I know your co-worker appreciated and loved the card you made. A very good choice to make one for her instead of buying. Hope life settles down for you soon! Take care now...

Stef H said...

i often wonder if i'd even be missed if i didn't post something on my blog for a month. with FB, blogging is starting to take a back seat tho, truth be told, i don't think i'll ever give it up. it's my "journaling".

you NEVER sit still. like my neighbor. she's ALWAYS on the go. daily. from 7 a.m. til 7 p.m. then she complains she never has time for anything. well duh! ever hear of the word NO????? me? lately i've become a procrastinator. i HATE procrastinators. my hubby was a big one. i'm more of the I WANT IT NOW type. i really want my house painted. i'm giving the benefit of the doubt to the boys who are supposed to come next week. if they say no, then you can bet dollars to donuts, i'll be doing it myself. so much to do, so little time - LOL.

anyway, as always, your post is funny and your card is gorgeous, as i'm sure all the other things you made during your absence are too.

have a fabulous summer and, as always, thanks for the giggles.

hugs :)

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Beautiful card. My blog has been neglected lately too.