Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Making of the Boston Tea Party

This weekend was creativity of a scholastic nature.  The Youngest Kiddo has an American History diorama due this week.  He chose the Boston Tea Party as his subject. Since this project pretty much took over my work space, I thought I would share the makings of the Boston Tea Party with you all today.

Scor-tape.  A ship builder's best friend

Notice the concentration.  The tongue makes several appearances, hehe
The Tongue modeling tea boxes out of clay

Yep, this was a two day project.  Inking the raised wood grain embossed paper
Painting of the ship's masts
This Big Shot is harder than it looks
Making funny faces helps!
The tongue appears again while pounding "nail heads"
Such concentration...hehe
This would not be the youngest without some extra "acting"

 Closer shot of the work
Three ships were involved in the Boston Tea Party, the Beaver, Eleanor and the Dartmouth. 
45 tons of tea (or 342 containers) were thrown into the ocean the night of December 17, 1773.
The colonists disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians so that they could say they weren't involved in the protest (even though the British knew better).

The proud artist

I should make it known that the template for the ships came from Brenda Quintana (Qbee).  You can find the template here.  I cut out another of the ship's base and flipped it over to make a platform for the colonists to stand on (otherwise, the boat  was too deep). 

Monday will be another day of a different sort of creativity.  The Youngest is part of the Lego Robotics team and they have their competition on Monday.  From what the Toad has said (he went with the Oldest Kiddo when he was of the same age), it is a lot of standing around waiting.  I guess I need to download a new book!!


Sylvia said...

Your life is so nice and full of wonderful things and fun projects, Starla. Tell the youngest kiddo that his project is awesome! Glad he had so much fun doing it and you taking pictures! Have a wonderful Monday, all of you!


Well done kiddo! Loved the pictures and it looks like it was a job well done!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Fabulous project.

Beate said...

Wow! Your son is just as creative as his Momma. The project looks amazing!!!
Hugs and smiles

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

an artist in the making. sheesh! he's good.... and adorable!

i know just where and who he gets his talent from!!!! defnitely NOT the frog!!!!

hugs :)

Carolyn King said...

AWESOME! He did a terriffic job! love the tongue shots (that is exactly what my son does when concentrating!)

Smilie girl said...

great project! Love the tongue and the acting. Reminds me of my youngest. :)

Mademoiselle said...

Love this project!! He did a fantastic job :D Where did you get the Indians, we're attempting this diorama in class and I can't find any? Thanks!

Starla said...

Mademoiselle, thanks for the comment! Hopefully you will see this reply as I couldn't find a link to contact you in your profile.
I believe we found the Indians at Michael's. We have a section with Mission kits, as most of the kids in California have to do California history that includes the mission history. Not sure it that will help you or not!