Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Guilt.  I swear I am the QUEEN of quilt. 

As well as the QUEEN of procrastination.

And .....wait....we were discussing guilt. 

I'm trying to work on relinquishing my crown of Guilt.

Guilt over the fact that my house is a disaster.
Guilt that I ate a PayDay candy bar for lunch (as in it was my lunch).
Guilt that I haven't exercised for 4 days.  (did I mention that PayDay's are my favorite lunch of late?!)
Guilt that I haven't walked the dog for 4 days.
Guilt that I don't post every day.  Or every other day.  Or even weekly.

I wear a HUGE, blingy crown of Guilt. 

But, I need to realize that the Princess Crown of Guilt fits me better.  I can only be Queen of so many things, so I'm keeping the crown of the Queen of Procrastination.  And the crown of Queen of the House (disaster that it is). And possibly a couple of other Queen crowns too.  But, I'm going to try downsizing to the Princess crown of Guilt. 

So, what does all this mean?

Yep.  No actual project to share today.  But, I can PROMISE you one on Friday.  AND I think it is kinda cool.  Out of my usual mold.  Rather artsy, if I do say so myself.

Check back on Friday. 


CuddlyBunny said...

Good for you! Guilt is a waste of time!

Do whatever YOU want to do and be happy!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Growing up Catholic I know all too well about guilt! lol Don't sweat the blogging or the house or the candy bar. It all has a way of working itself out. Look forward to your post on Friday!

bethann said...

well then what crown of guilt do i get???? i swore i was the queen of guilt but seems you want to give yours up. well good for you, that is a positive step. wish i could get there but i feel guilty doing that. btw my house is a huge mixture of dust-furball right now,and am i motivated to clean it up, not much.

Carolyn King said...

Let go of the guilt.... You are fabulous!!!!!

Sylvia said...

You are only one person. Feeling guilty does not help anything and uses energy. Use that energy to do what you can. Get organized in your mind and on paper, make a list. If you have a messy house, get your kids to help and assign a task every day. If your are eating too many candy bars, don't buy them, if you haven't walked the dog, turn that duty over to one of the boys or let them take turns, sounds like you have enough to do without worrying about working out. Move faster when you are moving! You are young and you should be enjoying your life, so take a step back and breathe, like Glenda says. You don't have to apologize for not blogging, it is supposed to be a source of enjoyment. I am sending you hugs! Don't worry so much! and have a wonderful Thursday.

kaiandkristi said...

Right there with you!!! So glad to know that I'm not alone on being behind at things! I've been trying to get caught up for weeks now... Although I must say, you've still been doing a lot of creating for being a procrastinator! Love your stuff as usual :-)