Friday, March 19, 2010


Got a stampede going on at the homestead.  After the cowboy rode off into the sunset (see this post for more details) it would seem that some critter decided that life was just getting too easy out on the range. So, that ornery critter started a stampede just to liven things up.  First, there was the herding of 3rd and 4th graders thru Legoland for a day.  Come sun up there were 12 sock horses that needed harnessing.  And tables and chairs had to be set up for all the folks coming for grub. Plus puttin' out the fancy goods so folks don't think we don't know how to put on a gatherin'.  Not to mention some pickin' up needed to be in some of the classrooms (wouldn't be proper for the Grandparent's to be seeing dust on the desks.  They might get the wrong idea that the young 'uns weren't learnin').

So basically, I got over whelmed by all the hoopla for Grandparent's Day and did not get my card done for today's Just for Fun® Friday Color Challenge #3.  Kat challenged us to use Creme, Black and a color of our choice. Great colors!! Just no time for the mojo!!

I PROMISE that I will post a project this weekend.  Just need a moment to let all the dust settle down!! hehe.   But!! By all means, we'd love for you to join in on the fun!! Grab your stamps and come play with us (remember:  if you've got some Just for Fun Stamps, we'd love to see your creativity in using them.  BUT! If not, that's ok!! We just want to give everyone a FUN excuse to stamp with us!! There is a Mr. Linky on the Just for Fun® Blog so that we can enjoy what you come up with!!

Make sure you stop by all the other gal's blogs and see what they came up with (I know I'll be taking a peek for some inspiration!! I'm afraid I might have used up all my alloted creativity for the week already! LOL!!)


Ok...Happy Trails to you!! 'Til we meet again!! Happy Trails to you!! (do you all have the Van Halen version running thru your noggins now?!! ROTFL!!) 

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