Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's a Tangled Web...

One of the "artistic" endeavors that I have wanted to try for a while is Zentangle.  So, when Sherry started sharing her creations, I decided to use it as a swift kick in the pants to give it a go.

Let me share just a couple of insights before I show my first attempt at this art form.

1) Zentangle or inspired by Zentangle takes practice.  And in my case, quite a bit more is needed in order for this to be a relaxing form of art versus a death grip on the pen.

2) I would recommend getting some type of beginning book on Zentangle.  I, being the impatient one, tried to skip that part and just pull up Tangle patterns from this site.  While this is a WONDERFUL resource, I think that my first tangling adventure could have gone so much smoother without trying to look through so many different patterns then follow the various links to the directions.

3) I also learned that leaving some white space is not bad.  My "tangle" is a quite busy for my taste!

4) In keeping with what I learned in #3, I would also say that it is fine to repeat a pattern to give some cohesiveness to the final outcome

And most importantly
5) Zentangle is VERY addictive.  Proceed at your own risk!

I think I might have another go at this particular thread that Sherry provided.  Maybe I'll find it more relaxing then next go around!!

'Till then......weave in some creativity into your day!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Continuing on the Canvas

This summer is flying by and if I blink, my kids will be back in school! During this whirlwind that I call life, I haven't had much time to create.

Actually, if I'm really honest, I haven't really had the desire to create.  I'm finding myself overwhelmed by stuff.  

"Stuff" on the calendar that fill our days.
"Stuff" that is piling up in my craft room.
"Stuff" that is piling up in the house in general.
"Stuff" that is being added to the the to do list.
"Stuff" that I need to start to tackle, but don't even know where to begin!

But today, I decided to take a little "me" time and work on the mixed media canvas that I started several weeks ago.

It's still a learning experience.  And I have seemed to have made her smile more of a smirk, which I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to fix despite several attempts.  This is one of those projects where you add a little bit of shading, stand back, look, ponder, add a little bit more. Walk away, ponder, add a little bit more and then ponder some more.

I am getting to the place where I need to just leave well enough alone before I totally over work the piece and ruin it.  

Except I need to do some more work on the eyes.  And her hair.  Hair was my nemesis in college art classes.  It would appear it still is! haha!

But, for now, I'm going to walk away again and ponder.  

And feed my kids.  Seems that this wannabe artist has to bring herself back to reality and take care of family stuff.

'Till next time...............

Sunday, July 8, 2012

16 Attempts......

.....for a very basic CAS (clean and simple) card is a sure sign that MoJo has left the house!

I know it has been a while since I've last posted.  Our smaller office is growing (a good thing), requiring me to work almost every day (both good and bad.  Good in that work has picked up, bad in that work has picked up, not allowing me any free time!!).  During this busy time, I've made an important discovery.  My MoJo does not do well with stress!!  In addition to the stress of work and having our charting system crash (which means I'm not able to get ANY of my paperwork done!!), by the time I get off work, drive an hour to watch the Oldest Kiddo play in summer league basketball, drive home, throw in a load of laundry, throw a basic dinner together, spend some time with the family,  I not only have no energy to attempt creating, I also have no desire to create.

That, my blog friends, is NOT a good thing for someone who needs to create for her self preservation!!

16 ATTEMPTS it took to come up with this card.  I'll spare you the details of the other attempts.  Let's just say that the idea in my head looked better there than it did on paper!!

And I'm still not thrilled with it, but since I still needed to make thank you cards for the Oldest Kiddo to send out from his birthday IN MAY, I had to accept what is, is!!  I don't think that birthday's are given the same grace period of sending out thanks as weddings are!!

Basics:  Top fold 4.25x5.5" Pure Luxury White.  The "Thanks" stamp is one I have had close to 15 years!"  The "You Rock" sentiment is from Tami Mayberry's "Live Life Loud" set. Both were stamped using my stampamajig and Distress Peeled Paint Ink.

The flourish is from SU's "Extreme Elements".  I first inked in Peeled paint, stamped off then inked in Distress Tumbled Glass.  I didn't  worry about contaminating my stamp pad.  After I finished all the cards, I smooshed my Tumbled Glass ink pad onto a scrap piece of paper until the green tint mostly disappeared.  A little hint of green doesn't bother me!!

Posting will be scarce for a while I'm afraid.  I'm covering full time next week for a vacationing therapist. Did I mention that our charting system crashed?!  Not sure how long it will be before we have something new in place.  Which means at some point and time I will be required to take all my hand written notes and re enter them in the electronic system....grrrrrr.

In addition, I NEED to start cleaning out my crafting area.  I use the spare bedroom as my creative area/office/junk room.  Come August, it looks like we will have one of the students from the school living with us.  As of right now, he does not even have room in this mess to put a bed! LOL!  Stay tuned for the chance to win some boxes of free goodies!  I have got to downsize MAJORLY!

'Till next time....if you find my MoJo, would you please give her a message?  Tell her I'm sorry life has been so busy, but if she'll come home, I PROMISE to make some creative time!!